BEFORE/AFTER Day 13 PIFA – Always Let Sleeping Cowboys Lie

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BEFORE/AFTER Day 13 PIFA – Always Let Sleeping Cowboys Lie

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Marlboro shoots were very physically taxing, especially when the location was almost two hours from the nearest motel and the sun rose at 5:36 am and set at 8:46 pm.

Granted this was shoot in central Wyoming set the record for the longest workdays of any of the dozens of locations that I used for Marlboro. The logistics required a modern version of a chuck wagon and cook to keep the cowboys, the Leo Burnett folks, and my crew feed throughout the shoot days.

This computer-enhanced image of the Marlboro cowboys bunking down on the ground started off as an SX70 Polaroid pic, complete with scratches and scrapes typical of an old location Polaroid.

It always amazed me how the cowboys could always find a comfortable (??) spot to bunk down and recharge for another physically exhausting afternoon of my asking for “just one more time…”